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You won’t just work for LCC, you’ll work for everyone who cycles or wants to in London – helping build a healthier, happier, more resilient city.

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Climate Safe Streets Champions

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We face a climate crisis. Road transport is a large slice of carbon emissions – and one of the few sectors rising. We urgently need to reduce motor traffic levels in London and provide good alternatives to the car. Join us in campaigning for Climate Safe Streets in every London Borough. As a Climate Safe Streets Champion you will lead the way in your own local authority to help LCC reach its CSS goals of a Carbon Zero transport Network by 2030 – with local elections coming up in May 2022, you will apply pressure on candidates for commitments to deal with the Climate Emergency we’re in by making walking and cycling a more attractive option for everyday journeys.

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Other Ways to get involved

LCC Local Groups

Campaigning for local cycling improvements and running rides and events for the local community - there's an LCC group in every London borough.
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Join LCC

LCC is only effective because it's supported by more than 10,000 members. If you cycle in London please consider joining - help make LCC's work possible.
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Take Action

We campaign on multiple fronts to make cycling in London safer. From Zero-Carbon Roads to Cycling Infrastructure and Road Danger Reduction - you can find out more about our work here.
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