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First candidates commit to deliver zero carbon roads by 2030

The Lib Dem and Green candidates are the first to commit to our call for #ZeroCarbonRoads by 2030! They've pledged to deliver a high quality cycle network, better transport options and introduce smart road user charging if elected this May.
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Council to open wand shop on High Street Kensington

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea announced plans today for a pop-up shop on High Street Kensington to sell the bollards or ‘wands’ from the street’s scrapped bike lanes.
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Graphic of three road signs on a pole reading Green Recovery, Climate Crisis, and Decision Time

Next Mayor must make road transport zero carbon by 2030

The next Mayor must make road transport zero carbon by 2030 or London will face dire consequences. LCC has today published its manifesto for the London Mayoral election, calling on all candidates to achieve a zero carbon roads system by 2030.
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LCC calls on Secretary of State and Mayor of London to act on Kensington High Street decision

No safe cycle tracks on the most dangerous road in the borough London Cycling Campaign condemns the decision made today by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC) to not reinstate the protected cycle tracks on High Street Kensington, and...
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LCC Advice

LCC has been helping people to cycle for more than 40 years and we’re here to help you.
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Bike security

Having your bike stolen in London is a real risk and preventing it is a combination of where and how you lock it up.
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Group of freight drivers in orange hi-vis and on cycles receiving instruction from a cycle instructor

Cycle skills

Build up your skills and take advantage of free cycle training, plus details of community projects and resources to build your confidence.
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Winter Cycling

There’s no need to stop cycling in the winter months – here's how you can stay warm, dry and visible.
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