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Climate Safe Streets

We face a climate crisis - we urgently need to reduce motor traffic levels in London and provide good alternatives to the car.


Climate and cycling

We won’t get our city cycling and we won’t beat the climate crisis with just cycle tracks and hire bikes. It isn’t enough to just make cycling better – we need cars to not be the default everyone reaches for easily as their primary mode of transport. We need many more Londoners to be able to live without owning private cars and we need to make sure cars are only used when needed while also making cycling, walking and public transport far more convenient, comfortable and safe modes for a wider range of people.

LCC has from the beginning in 1978 been an environmental as well as a transport campaigning organisation. We believe the climate crisis means we must not only boost walking and cycling in our city, but also reduce unnecessary car use. Our Climate Safe Streets work aims to ensure London is net zero on road transport carbon emissions by 2030. Our reports and Mayoral and local election campaigns aims to turn targets into reality and build a fairer and healthier city.

Climate Safe Streets Report

London can rise to meet the challenge and be the first mega city in the world to create zero-carbon roads. The next mayor has a decision to make - start delivering this plan now, or carry on delaying until it’s too late.

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