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New cyclists – all the tips you need to start cycling in London.

Getting Started

This page is for people who want to start cycling in London  – if you have cycled before then our Back on the Bike Page might give you the information you need.

If you have never cycled before, firstly congratulations on getting here and making the first step. London Cycling Campaign is here to make London a safe city for cycling so that anyone who wants to cycle can. We know London can be a challenging place to cycle but if you start with small local trips you  can build up your cycling skills and confidence.

Cycle Skills, Training & Cycle Buddies

The first thing you should do is book a cycle training session  – qualified cycle trainers can teach you the basics and be there whilst you practice. Often they can arrange for you to borrow a bike so you don’t even need to have your own bike.

Check out our Cycling skills page to find out how.
Once you have had a cycle training session then you can build on what you have learnt with LCC Cycle Buddies. Our friendly volunteer buddies will help you practice your cycle skills and cycle with you on routes you want to do. They can also find your local motor traffic free routes so you can practice cycling.

Bikes and Kit

There is a lot of information on bikes, cycling clothes, accessories and kit. Don’t be overwhelmed and keep it all simple to start with. To cycle in a park on a sunny day you just need yourself and a bike.

If you need to buy a bike then make sure you try a few different types before you buy. You can always use the share bike schemes if you have them in your area – for example Transport for London Santander bikes or Lime e-bikes.

For short local rides whilst you are building up your skills you do not need any specialist clothing. You just need to dress for the weather conditions as you would if you were walking.  It’s not compulsory to wear a cycle helmet‚ but if you choose to wear one‚ make sure it’s the right size and the strap under the chin is a close comfortable fit.

If you are going to leave your bike anywhere then you will need a decent lock to stop your bike getting stolen. And if you are going to ride at night make sure you have good front and back lights (white at the front and red at the back),

Have Fun

Cycling is great way to explore the city either on your own or in groups. LCC volunteers run lots of activities across London that are free for you to join. Check out our events pages for info on rides, events and cycling projects near you.

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Nervous about riding on busy roads? Want to plan a journey to work or to the shops? Cycle Buddies offers free session to build cycling confidence.


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