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A graphic of three road signs on a pole reading Green Recovery, Climate Crisis, and Decision Time


It's decision time. London elects a new Mayor on 6th May. The next mayor will decide London's future - email the candidates to demand action now.


Graphic of a yellow road sign on a pole reading Decision Time

Decision Time

Green Recovery or Climate Crisis? Clean Air or Lethal Pollution? The next mayor has a choice to make.
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Bring Back The Tracks

Kensington & Chelsea council ripped out desperately needed cycle tracks - we're campaigning to bring them back.
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A pair of women smiling with their bikes and looking at the camera. This is one of our Cycle Buddies helping a new cyclist learn a route.

Cycle Buddies

Connecting new and experienced cyclists - help and support to start cycling or build more confidence.
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Love London Go Dutch set the standard and started the movement for bringing European-quality infrastructure and safer cycling to London.


Space for Cycling convinced a huge 862 councilors to commit to delivering cycling improvements in their areas the length and breadth city.


Sign for Cycling secured three commitments from Sadiq Khan – trebling protected cycle tracks; banning dangerous lorries; a Mini-Holland for every borough.

Graphic of a yellow road sign on a pole reading Decision Time

This year is an election year and to succeed again we need your support – it’s Decision Time and our next mayor must commit to zero-carbon roads by 2030.

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